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ICON POST: Supernatural, Torchwood, Misc. Fandom

Finally, a new icon post! It's been ages, mostly because I got a new Macbook and Photoshop ran so ridiculously slow on it that I could barely stand to work with it. But I upgraded my memory recently, and now Photoshop flies like the wind! It's wonderful. The Supernatural part of this batch has been made in bits and pieces over the past few months, which is why it has no coherence to it. Torchwood I just finished yesterday, and I went on an iconning spree - so fun having fresh new images to work with! Oh the pretty.

[33] Torchwood (1x08 and 1x12: Jack, Ianto, Jack/Ianto, and if you've seen 1x12, youknowwho)
[47] Supernatural (Spoilers through 2x09; Sam, Dean, Lucas, Jared, Jensen, SPN logos from discarded title sequences)
[4] Misc. fandom text icons


RULES: Comment, CREDIT, enjoy!

I just think we should... go to the Grand Canyon.Collapse )
Tags: icons, supernatural, torchwood
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So there I was, thinking about the scene in 1x11 where Ianto goes OOH! and my girlparts explode. And I was browsing through the TW icons community, and I saw that icon. And I thought, OOH! Who made that? And then I saw it was YOU and I was pleased.

The end. I hope you enjoyed that story.

ANYWAY, I took 2, 3 and 23. Thank you!
hee! That's so funny, and how fortunate! I LOVE when he does that - it makes me giggle. And I love him and Jack interrogating that guy together - it's hot :D Glad I filled your need! ;) Thanks sweetie! ♥
I love them, I'm going to snag #7 and #83. -Will Credit-
Thanks very much! Enjoy!
Thanks :)
I snatched a couple. I will credit you. Thank you!
Thanks hon!

Deleted comment

Hee, thank you very much :) Enjoy!
These are great! I'm snagging a few Supernatural ones, and I'll credit you.
Thanks so much - enjoy :)
These are awesome! Took some of the SPN ones. I especially like the "about SEX" ones. ^_^
<333 RE
Thank you very much! Hee, I thought those were fun, and also, REALLY TRUE. Lmao :D Enjoy!
Taking some of the SPN icons, thank you~! ♥
You're welcome - enjoy!

Deleted comment

Thanks very much!
I stole eight million of these. *g*

You rock, babydoll!!!
Heee. Thank you sweetheart!! ♥


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

Deleted comment

Thank you honey! I'm so glad you like them :D
OMG 81 is so true about me *rofl*

I'm taking a few. Will decide tomorrow. And I will credit of course.

They are all very pretty ♥
Heee. ME TOO! Hilarious, isn't it? Oh fandom :D

Thank you so much!
Took numbers 49, 52 and 57. Thank you!
Glad you like them - enjoy!
taking #84. yis.
Hee. Oh fandom. Thanks hon!
Swiped no 34. Will credit. :)
Thanks - enjoy :D
These are gorgeous, Anne! Stealing a few of them. Will credit, as always.
Thank you so much, hon! :)
You have officialy killled me with the pretty. Grabbing 51, 70 & 76 (best line ever!) Thank you.
Oh noes! i hope the cops don't come after me for your murder - it was accidental, I swear! ;) I completely concur - best line ever. Thanks so much!
omg anne, i say it before & ill say it're iconage is fuckin genious!!! *glomps* know im goin for the spn ones...but since i don't know what ones i want...lets just say im being greedy & taken all of em!!!
Heeee! Thank you so much, baby! I'm so glad you like them :D Have fun with them!


10 years ago

Oh! There's no way I can resist the love that is #34. *snags, with credit*
Heeee. Oh SPN! *hearts* So glad you like - enjoy!
Oh, just gorgeous. Will take a few of both spn and Torchwood!
Thanks, will credit :D
Thank you so much! Enjoy :D
35 and 70 thank you
Dude! #34 is 9 kinds of awesome. You win.

Snagging it and #79!

NINE kinds? Well clearly I do win \o/ Heee! Thanks so much! ♥
I frakking love your icons m'dear! A++ for the kickass collaborated fandom!icon of Supernaturalness. I am totally snagging that mother and wearing it into the ground with hard love.

Also pocketing and crediting 45, 50 (damn straight he's Dean's hooker!), 58, 70, 75 (yes plz!), 82, 83 & 84.

You are a frakking genius! *showers with love and multi-coloured glitter*
Whee! *dances around in the glitter* Thank you so much, darling! You're such a sweetheart :D wendy helped me conspire for the idea for the lingo one, I thought it sounded so fun! I'm happy with how it came out :D Enjoy them!
Lovely icons, snagging 29, 34 (Oh, fandom. *draws hearts*), and 45 (which makes me giggle. A lot. Sam is totally Dean's hooker). Thanks! ♥
Thank you so much! He so totally is ;) Enjoy!
#83 and #34, thank you for posting. A friend showed me #34 earlier today, and I had the window still open, hoping to discover who had made it and ask for it. Will credit!
Did she! That makes me happy :D Thank you very much!
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