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ICON POST: Supernatural, Torchwood, Misc. Fandom

Finally, a new icon post! It's been ages, mostly because I got a new Macbook and Photoshop ran so ridiculously slow on it that I could barely stand to work with it. But I upgraded my memory recently, and now Photoshop flies like the wind! It's wonderful. The Supernatural part of this batch has been made in bits and pieces over the past few months, which is why it has no coherence to it. Torchwood I just finished yesterday, and I went on an iconning spree - so fun having fresh new images to work with! Oh the pretty.

[33] Torchwood (1x08 and 1x12: Jack, Ianto, Jack/Ianto, and if you've seen 1x12, youknowwho)
[47] Supernatural (Spoilers through 2x09; Sam, Dean, Lucas, Jared, Jensen, SPN logos from discarded title sequences)
[4] Misc. fandom text icons


RULES: Comment, CREDIT, enjoy!

I just think we should... go to the Grand Canyon.Collapse )
Tags: icons, supernatural, torchwood
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taking a few torchwood, will credit.
love #70 will credit! Had to be one of the best episodes this season!
Your icons are gorgeous. I don't know what I'm going to take, but I shall credit!
Thank you so much! And - hello! shotofjack told me she met you at her house and that you reminded her of me, hee :)

Look at all the pretties *_*

I will definitely be back for MUCH more when I buy an account, but for now I had to settle on just one; so I snagged 34 ♥ ♥
Heeee, HI BABYGIRL! *kiss kiss* Thank you so much!
Taking 51, will credit. It's gorgeous! Thank you!
Love these. Took some Torchwood and some Spn. Thank you, will credit.
Grabbing #'s 5, 9, 32, 81, 82, & 84.

Will credit.

Deleted comment

Thank you!

*gasp* You really, really have. Supernatural is the show to watch, man. I recommend you buy the first season DVDs, they're completely worth it :) If you don't want to go that far, I could probably hook you up with the pilot? Just lemme know what you want as far as conversion goes - I am ALWAYS eager to recruit new SPN fans!
Very nice icons. Have taken #37, will credit, thanks!
Took TW and SPN stuff. Thanks!

Deleted comment

Thank you so much!

I actually keep all my psd files, so it was easy for me to go back and modify:

Enjoy! :)
I took 70 and 56 all these icons are beautiful.

Thiiiiiiis much. (Maybe even a little more XD) Snagged that and 41 because Jared brings the Pretty! I'll credit.
Oh, baby, these are beautiful. I love them. #59 is heartbreaking. Also the pink Sam for some reason.
Aww! *squishes you to chest* Thank you everso, baby :D That moment in 59 kills me every time... Dean's checkin in with Sam, like always, but Sam is already looking at him, and I just *flap flap* I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

*Love* no. 33. Absolutely gorgeous!
#41, 57, 58= Heaven! Love 'em all though.
Oh, and sorry I'm about 5 months behind!
I snagged #52! great icons, I've been looking for the perfect SPN one I might ahve just found it, so thanks!
Oh I'm glad! You're very welcome :)

Deleted comment

Took 82. Will credit when used.
Can't resist #63. Gorgeous. Thanks :)
I just stumbled into your comm during one of my random-spn-search missions - and boy, am I glad I did.

Awesome icons!
Snagging 34, 58, 59, 68, 80 and 84

Credit's always given! Thank you!! :D
hee! i really need an i blame fandom. will credit, thank you!
Taking one, will credit. Thanks. xxx
I snagged a bunch here! Thanks! ^^
Your icons are amazing! Hope you don't mind that I took #34, I couldn't resist ^_^ Thank you for sharing!
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