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Icon Post: Supernatural and Battlestar Galactica

[16] Supernatural (spoilers through Something Wicked)
[23] Battlestar Galactica

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    Image hosting by Photobucket..Image hosting by Photobucket..Image hosting by Photobucket

    01.Image hosting by Photobucket02.Image hosting by Photobucket03.Image hosting by Photobucket04.Image hosting by Photobucket
    05.Image hosting by Photobucket06.Image hosting by Photobucket07.Image hosting by Photobucket08.Image hosting by Photobucket
    09.Image hosting by Photobucket10.Image hosting by Photobucket11.Image hosting by Photobucket12.Image hosting by Photobucket

    Manip by mkitty3 (MUST credit her as well)
    13.Image hosting by Photobucket14.Image hosting by Photobucket15.Image hosting by Photobucket16.Image hosting by Photobucket

    Battlestar Galactica
    17.Image hosting by Photobucket18.Image hosting by Photobucket19.Image hosting by Photobucket20.Image hosting by Photobucket
    21.Image hosting by Photobucket22.Image hosting by Photobucket23.Image hosting by Photobucket24.Image hosting by Photobucket
    25.Image hosting by Photobucket26.Image hosting by Photobucket27.Image hosting by Photobucket28.Image hosting by Photobucket
    29.Image hosting by Photobucket30.Image hosting by Photobucket31.Image hosting by Photobucket32.Image hosting by Photobucket
    33.Image hosting by Photobucket34.Image hosting by Photobucket35.Image hosting by Photobucket36.Image hosting by Photobucket
    37.Image hosting by Photobucket38.Image hosting by Photobucket39.Image hosting by Photobucket
  • Tags: bsg, icons, supernatural
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    Nice! Snagging 17,18,23,24 for future use.

    Deleted comment

    Aw thanks sweetie! I'm pretty fond of that one myself, I love splitting up images that way :) I'm glad you like!
    Hey you, AWESOME job!!! They are all so pretty... I shall grab #17, 18, 30, 38 with credit :)
    stealing a few starbuck. the last one is yum.
    I snagged #3, 11 and 13, and will credit when I upload. Thank you for sharing! :)
    snagged 12 :D will credit
    These are awesome, I love #12. WeeDean is so adorable.

    What does #6 say .. kinda looks like "good little toaster" to me, LOL.
    It says "brave little toaster" cause he is! :)

    Thank you!


    11 years ago

    Very nice! Running off with #16.
    lovely! took 23 and 30 for my collection :)
    Still like the colouring on 38/33/39/etc!

    Nice set :)
    took dean's moving picture, will credit when used. :p It's awesome.
    taking #26! :) will credit!
    Snagging 13 & 14. Thanks!
    Snagged # 3 and 16. Thank you!
    Stealing 30 because: awesome. :D
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