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the kid with the bullet soul

ICON POST: Supernatural, Torchwood, Misc. Fandom

Finally, a new icon post! It's been ages, mostly because I got a new Macbook and Photoshop ran so ridiculously slow on it that I could barely stand to work with it. But I upgraded my memory recently, and now Photoshop flies like the wind! It's wonderful. The Supernatural part of this batch has been made in bits and pieces over the past few months, which is why it has no coherence to it. Torchwood I just finished yesterday, and I went on an iconning spree - so fun having fresh new images to work with! Oh the pretty.

[33] Torchwood (1x08 and 1x12: Jack, Ianto, Jack/Ianto, and if you've seen 1x12, youknowwho)
[47] Supernatural (Spoilers through 2x09; Sam, Dean, Lucas, Jared, Jensen, SPN logos from discarded title sequences)
[4] Misc. fandom text icons


RULES: Comment, CREDIT, enjoy!

I just think we should... go to the Grand Canyon.Collapse )
Tags: icons, supernatural, torchwood
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Snagging quite a few :)
Thanks - enjoy :)
Directed here by deirdre_c and I'm snagging a bunch of Torchwood icons, a couple of SPN ones (I love #59 especially!) and some of the fandom ones. Thanks! :)
Yay, thank you! Enjoy them!
These are really lovely -- I'm snagging several, and I'll make sure and credit!
Thank you so much! Enjoy!
Snagged 34, 71 and 77. Sweet! Will credit.
Thanks very much!
They're all gorgeous! Saved #59, it's just a beautiful icon, is there a meaning to the * symbol next to their numbers? can i save them? :D
Oh! The * symbol was supposed to lead to a footnote at the end of the post, but somehow I forgot to ever put it in! It was going to say that the animations were made by pinknylon - it'd be good if you credited her too :) Thank you so much!


11 years ago

Stolen 6, 13, 21 and 33.

Thanks a bundle! Will credit when used!
Thank you very much! Enjoy :)
Thank you! :D
WOW, hon. I'm thrilled that your getting so much praise and recognition :D These deserve it; they're lovely. Taking a couple of the TW and SPN ones.

It makes me all bouncy, Rach! *beams* Thank you so much sweetie!! *kiss kiss*
i took no.21, thank you!
These are SO AWESOME!! Taking many--will credit.

Thanks so much! :D
help! i'm new at this. how do you save the ones that move?
It works the same as still images - just right-click and press "save image as" :) It'll just be a gif file instead of png.

Re: icons


11 years ago

love 58 and 59 will crdt!
Oh, wonderful! Snagged number 6, 11 and 30. Thank you!
Taking a few TWs & a few SPNs ! :D
beautiful *__*
don't know Torchwood yet (though it's on my to-watch list) but i took some Supernatural ones : 49, 52, 53, 57 and 71
Thank you !
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